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About me ..... !!
Its me ..... !!!
my full name is Goenawan Brotosaputro
Is it difficult ?? Okay, if its difficult,
to make it easy, just call me Goen [pronounce goon like when you say moon].

My memorize ......

I was born in the small city, Semarang - Central Java 27 years ago.
I passed my kindergaten till high school there, and for continuing my study, I went to Jakarta
on 1988 and entering my new educational era at STMIK Budi Luhur - Jakarta - Indonesia.
After a long journey, finally I got my "Sarjana" (Indonesian's title for undergradute) on 1992.
Coz of my love and loyality to my campus .....
I continue work there to be a staff in Electronic Data Processing Division.
Almost everyday ... anytime ... all of my hand-finger are close to the keyboard ....
for about 4 years ... until ....

Now ......

I'm study at Asian Institute of Technology - AIT - Bangkok - Thailand
in Computer Science Division
I hope I can finish it next 18 months later .....

Last modified August 8th, 1996